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Downloads for the Transportation Research Thesaurus

Current version of the Thesaurus and Viewer
The current Transportation Research Thesaurus and Viewer program are version 2.2. Both new and old TRT users should download this file and run the self-extracting setup program. This setup file will update an older version if you supply the name of the directory where it is installed when asked by the setup program. After downloading the file to a temporary directory, double-click on it and follow the directions of the setup program.
  • Download the Transportation Research Thesaurus and Viewer version 2.2 (10,125K bytes)
Older Versions of the Thesaurus and Viewer
These older versions are provided as is. If you have not used version 2.0 before, you should download the complete version 2.0 file. Copy the downloaded file to a temporary directory and execute it. Then run the program SETUP.EXE from the temporary directory and follow its instructions. Further information is available in the README.TXT file. If downloading just the program file, copy it to the directory where the TRT was previously installed and execute it.

NOTE: Contrary to the information in the README.TXT file, the complete version does not include the files needed to create a set of install diskettes. If you need to create install diskettes, send an email to Information Designs Limited.
  • Download the complete Transportation Research Thesaurus version 2.0 (8,771K bytes). This file includes all of the version 2.0 files on this page.

  • View the README file for the TRT version 2.0 (13K bytes)

  • Download just the TRT Viewer version 2.0 program files (445K bytes)
The authority files used by the Transportation Research Information Service (TRIS) are also available for download. These files include terms (but not the notations of the terms). They were created for use as lookup tables in an online data entry system. The three files included in the download are TRTAUTH.TXT, which contains all the postable subject terms from TRT 2.0; TRTGEOG.TXT which contains the most frequently used geographic identifiers; and TRTIDEN.TXT, which contains the most frequently used personal and corporate name identifiers. The two identifier files are not authoritative: they are a compilation of terms used over the years, and should not be considered as a systematic or exhaustive list. These files are included in the complete TRT 2.0 download file (note that these files are not used by the Viewer program).

Updated TRTAUTH.TXT and TRTGEOG.TXT files that correspond to version 2.2 are included in the version 2.2 download file (above).
  • Download the TRIS Authority files (133K bytes)

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